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Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services

Charting the Path to a Brighter Future

We offer assessments and therapy for children and adolescents 5-18 years old. Get the insights and tools you need to address your child’s learning challenges and maximize their strengths.

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Children And Teens

We are equipped to support kids from ages 5-18.

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Assessments and

We offer both assessments and therapy, and can help you decide what will support your child best.

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Our team has extensive experience with school systems and offers comprehensive assessments.

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In-person And
Virtual options

Assessments are in-person. Therapy can be conducted virtually or in-person.

When you’re not sure what you need

Is your child experiencing difficulties? Would they benefit from therapy? What help is available to you?

As a parent, you don’t want to see your child struggle in school, with their friends, or at home. You want to find what’s causing their challenges and get the support they need.

We are here to help you figure it out.

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If you are...

We can provide the support you and your child need.

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Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services

Our Services

Providing therapy and assessments for children and adolescents in Etobicoke. Online sessions are available across Ontario. Supporting individuals 5 to 18.

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Child And Teen Assessments

Assessments to help you find the answers you need and develop a plan to support your child’s well-being.
Teens outside at school

Child And Teen Therapy

Therapy tailored to your child, helping them manage anxiety, anger, sadness, and more.

Looking for a specific assessment or therapy service?


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Psychoeducational Assessments

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Social-Emotional Assessments

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ADHD Assessments

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Gifted Assessments


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Emotional Dysregulation

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Behavioural Challenges

Our psychologists and psychological associates are trained to support a variety of mental health and academic concerns.

Parent Consultations And Support

We offer support for parents as they navigate the challenges of their child's behaviour, diagnoses, and therapy.

Contact us to book a consultation or an appointment.

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Psychology And Assessment Services IN Etobicoke And Across Ontario

Why Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services?

Rose Ducharme Psychologist and Owner of Kingsway Psychological and Behavioural Services in Etobicoke

Rose Ducharme

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Psychologist/Clinical Director

We believe that every child can succeed once we find the right path to support them.

Why is my child acting the way they do and what can we do to make things easier for them?

We strive to answer these questions. Our goal is to help you understand the challenges your child is experiencing and find solutions that make a genuine difference in the life of your child and family.

With extensive experience in the public and private sectors, our knowledgeable and empathic clinicians will help you find the answers you need to support your child.

Helping you and your child see a brighter future.

Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services

How our services work

Number 1

Good Fit

We take the time to understand what brought you to our door. A strong therapeutic relationship is important to the success of your child’s care and we ensure that we are a good fit before we start working together.
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Right Plan

There are different ways we can help you get the results you need. Treatment options can include assessments, therapy, or both. We work with you to uncover your child’s strengths and needs and create a plan that works for you.
NUmber 3

Empowering Results

As we move forward with the treatment plan for your child, we provide the tools and strategies they need, at a pace they can handle. In therapy, we assess progress and results to help your child move through daily life with greater ease.

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We will work with you to help your child succeed!

Psychology And Assessment Services In Etobicoke And Across Ontario

Frequently Asked Questions

Psychological services are not covered under OHIP. We would recommend that you check with your extended health benefits to determine your coverage.
Most extended health plans cover psychological services. Your individual plan will tell you what your coverage is.
At our clinic, therapy services can be provided by a variety of mental health professionals. All therapists working with you are registered members of a regulatory college that permits the provision of psychotherapy in Ontario or is in the process of obtaining registration and is under clinical supervision.
If you need to cancel your therapy appointment, 24 hour notice is required so a cancellation fee is not charged. To cancel assessments, please advise us as soon as possible to allow someone else to benefit from the appointment time.

Our services are provided for teens up to age 18 years after which we are happy to provide you with referrals for other clinics that work with adults. 

While we may screen for Autism as part of our other assessment services, we do not provide Autism assessments.

Have more questions?

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Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services

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Helping your child thrive.