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Assessments and Therapy for children 5-18 years old

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Child and Teen Assessments

Assessments to help get your child the support they need to thrive

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It’s heartbreaking when you don’t know how to help your child.

Watching your child struggle can be tough. You want to help them, but aren’t sure how. That’s where we come in. By beginning with a thorough understanding of your child’s unique strengths and challenges, we can create a personalized plan that makes learning easier and more enjoyable for them.
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How do I know if my child needs an assessment?

As a parent, you may notice changes in your child’s behaviour, or difficulties in their interactions with others. If they are in school, their teacher may inform you that they are having trouble focusing in class or following school routines. If you’re not sure if you need an assessment, you can book a free consult and we will help you make the decision that’s right for you.

An assessment helps us identify your child’s strengths and areas where they would benefit from extra support. Results from the assessment will help us put together a tailored learning plan that addresses your child’s unique needs and outlines the extra support they require.

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Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services

Signs your child may benefit from an assessment:

If your child is consistently struggling in school, either in specific subjects or across the board, it may signal underlying learning difficulties.
Changes in behaviour, such as showing signs of emotional distress or becoming unusually withdrawn, disruptive, or aggressive, can be a reason to explore further.

If your child has difficulty focusing, staying on task, or is easily distracted beyond what seems typical for their age, this might indicate attention-related challenges.

Struggles with making friends, understanding social cues, or frequent conflicts with peers can be signs of social or emotional challenges.

Teachers may report to parents certain patterns or behaviours that indicate your child could benefit from a professional assessment.

If you have concerns about your child’s achievement of language, motor, or social milestones, an assessment can help clarify these issues.

Conflict with parents and siblings, difficulty completing homework or other home-based problems may be a reason to seek help.

While each child develops at their own pace, significant discrepancies in abilities or behaviours compared to peers might warrant a closer look.

Child and Teen Assessments in Etobicoke and across Toronto

Which assessment does my child need?

During our consultation, we will look at your child’s history, strengths, and areas of struggle. We will determine what type of assessment will be most beneficial to understand your child’s learning profile and establish what supports your child needs. The assessments could include:

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Psychoeducational Assessment

A psychoeducational assessment looks at how your child learns, thinks, and processes information and helps us understand why a child might be struggling at school. We evaluate areas such as cognition, memory, executive functioning, attention, reading, writing, and math skills. A psychoeducational assessment can identify specific learning challenges and provide a clearer picture of your child’s learning strengths and areas where they might need accommodations. This may include extra time for tests, technological supports or specialized teaching methods that better align with their learning style.

ADHD Assessment

An ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) assessment is focused on understanding attention and executive functioning in children and adolescents. If you’ve noticed your child is often easily distracted, disorganized, has a hard time sitting still, or acts impulsively, this assessment can help us to understand if these are signs of ADHD and design effective interventions. This assessment involves talking about your child’s behaviour, filling out questionnaires, and completing tasks with your child. The purpose of this process is to determine if ADHD is a factor in your child’s behaviour and, if so, what steps can be taken to help manage it.

Social-Emotional Assessment

A social-emotional assessment looks at your child’s feelings, self-regulation, behaviour, and relationships with others. It helps us to understand how your child manages emotions, makes friends, and reacts in social situations. If your child seems anxious, sad, has trouble making friends, or is having difficulties at home or in school, this assessment allows us to understand how best to support them and what intervention would be effective.

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Psychology And Assessment Services IN Etobicoke And Across Ontario

Why Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services?

Rose Ducharme Psychologist and Owner of Kingsway Psychological and Behavioural Services in Etobicoke

Rose Ducharme

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Psychologist/Clinical Director

We believe that every child can succeed once we find the right path to support them.

Why is my child acting the way they do and what can we do to make things easier for them?

We strive to answer these questions. Our goal is to help you understand the challenges your child is experiencing and find solutions that make a genuine difference in the life of your child and family.

With extensive experience in the public and private sectors, our knowledgeable and empathic clinicians will help you find the answers you need to support your child.

Helping you and your child see a brighter future.

Our approach to Child and teen assessments

How our assessments work

Number 1

Good Fit

We take the time to understand what brought you to our door. A strong therapeutic relationship is important to the success of your child’s care and we ensure that we are a good fit before we start working together.
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Right Plan

There are different ways we can help you get the results you need. Treatment options can include assessments, therapy, or both. We work with you to uncover your child’s strengths and needs and create a plan that works for you.
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Empowering Results

As we move forward with the treatment plan for your child, we provide the tools and strategies they need, at a pace they can handle. In therapy, we assess progress and results to help your child move through daily life with greater ease.
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We will work with you to help your child succeed!

Psychology And Assessment Services In Etobicoke And Across Ontario

Questions about child And teen assessments

Our assessments are conducted with the utmost respect for your child’s privacy and dignity. The primary goal is to understand and support your child’s unique needs, and any information from the assessment is confidential. We will only share information with your child’s school with your consent. When sharing information with the school for the development of an individual educational plan, we focus on strengths and strategies for growth, rather than labels.

Absolutely. One of the key outcomes of our assessments is to provide tailored strategies and recommendations that can help your child succeed. These strategies are based on a thorough understanding of your child’s strengths and areas where they might need additional support so that we can empower you with practical, effective tools and techniques to assist your child both at home and in school.

Our assessments are designed to identify various learning and attention-related challenges, including learning disabilities and ADHD. By using a combination of standardized tests, observations, and interviews, we can provide a comprehensive understanding of your child’s learning profile and attentional capacities to help in making informed decisions about their care and educational planning.

Following the assessment, we meet with you to explain the results in detail and help you secure services to support your child’s development. Depending on the assessment outcomes, this might include individual therapy, educational planning, skills development sessions, or coordination with other professionals.

We only share assessment results with your child’s school with your permission. When shared, this information can be incredibly valuable for teachers and school counsellors to better support your child’s learning and emotional needs. Rest assured, when information is shared, it is done with the utmost care for your child’s privacy and well-being.

All assessments are completed on a one-to-one basis with your child, though parents may wait for their child in our wait room. For younger children, parents may be asked to stay for at least part of the assessment. For older children and teens, they might be more comfortable with being dropped off and picked up. We always discuss this with you beforehand and create a plan that works best for your child.

Yes, we understand that these sessions can be demanding, especially for younger children. We schedule breaks as needed to keep your child comfortable and engaged. The length of each session and the number of breaks are adjusted based on the child’s age, attention span, and individual needs to ensure the most effective and child-friendly assessment process.

For assessments, at least one week’s notice is required. For no-shows, or late cancellations, the full first session fee is charged.

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Kingsway Psychological & Behavioural Services

What you can expect from assessment

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Every family is different, and while we can’t guarantee a specific timeline or results, our goal for the assessment is to provide answers that lead to:

Helping you and your child feel seen, heard, and supported.

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